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Silk is very soft to touch and resistant to chemicals. It also has the ability to retain its colour for a very long period without fading although it can be prohibitively expensive. With all these attractive features of the lovely silk, one can imagine what a master designer can make out of silk. Such is the flamboyant fate of the Nicole miller silk.

Nicole miller silk is a product of a world-class company that specialises in the design and sales of various costumes such as wedding dress, gowns and other conceivable bridal accessories. This is in addition to the fact that Nicole miller also has a whole range of cosmetics for the beauty-conscious ones. In the year 2006, my husband Mark, and I had just finished the completion of our house in Omaha and we really planned to have a very memorable house-warming ceremony. Mark was splendid and looked very dashing in his Prada suit and shoes to match.

As a lady, I had to be more selective, yes ladies are choosier by nature. I went to the various boutiques in town in search of the ideal dress but it was like my search had been fruitless. I had to go back home and call Mark to help me with the selection of the ideal dress. Graciously and as charming as ever, Mark came to my rescue, like he had done on many occasions in the past. We started the search afresh and continued until Mark spotted the one he said was fit only for an angel. It was a long, yellow and spectacularly embroidered Nicole miller silk gown which I did not even notice earlier on out of anxiety. I tried the gown on and it was a perfect fit! Mark had made my day!

As the day of the housewarming ceremony approached, we became more nervous, anxious and happy at the same time. We really wanted to have a very memorable ceremony and therefore, every single day was regarded as a countdown to the ultimate day. On the appointed day, all our invited guests turned up as and when expected and the ball was set rolling. There was adequate food and sufficient food to go round. But, I could not hide my undiluted feelings of joy as encomiums poured on me from various angles concerning my yellow-coloured Nicole miller silk dress and Nicole miller lipstick. The dress attracted so much attention that virtually all the guests wanted to take a picture with me instead of our house. Whatever was in the Nicole miller product, it surely generated this feeling of paparazzi and really added a touch of excitement to the whole event.
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Nicole Miller Silk

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This article was published on 2010/12/10