The Most Exclusive Luxury Silk Ties

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There is nothing more luxury than wearing an expensive, silk tie. Using one of these neckties is the best way to prove your fashion good taste and likes. A necktie is probably the most important accessory to complete a good outfit's look.

There are hundreds of materials to choose from when it comes to neckties. The wide variety of fabrics comes from polyester to silk. Neckties are all about the way they look and feel. Just by putting a necktie on, it is easy to understand what makes it so special. Silk ties are the most expensive and luxury ones. Their overall look is the key to attract women immediately. Silk ties can be found in a wide selection of styles and designs. Several designers have produced silk ties. Those ties that are 100% silk are the most expensive ones.

There are several types of expensive silk ties. The most famous silk ties are made in Italy by, of course, Italian designers. The most famous designers are the following:
-Dolce & Gabbana
-Roberto Cavalli

Silk ties are the most expensive ones, especially if they are form Italian designers such as the ones mentioned above. A tie from any of these designers can cost around $150-$200 depending on the designer and the series of the tie. Some Italian silk ties can be a lot more expensive if they are from special editions of designers versions.

Silk ties can be found in almost any color you can think of. The most common colors that people wear are black, blue, red, and white. Some like to wear baby blue, purple and pink silk ties.

The texture they offer is a great match for almost any color you can think of. Some materials don't look good with certain colors due to their texture. Imagine a brown or green tie made of a tough rustic material. It doesn't look good at all. However, silk is totally flexible, it is slightly shinny and very soft. The feel it gives is almost heavenly.

There are several designs that are very common on ties such as: stripes, polka dots, any kind of patterns and sometimes the designer's signature or logo. There are so many colors, designs and prices you can choose from, that there is not an obstacle for you to show your purely individual style. The way you dress talks a lot about you and your style. With the huge variety of silk ties and designers, you won't have any problems showing your style.

If you are buying a gift, always think about an Italian silk tie. It is probably one of the best gifts you can give to any men due to their exclusiveness and luxury looking designs. Silk ties can be used in both casual and formal dressing occasions, which make them unusually useful. Most of all ties are meant to work only as casual ties or formal ties. Silk ties are shinny enough to look good in a casual occasion, and also luxury enough to look great in a formal dress.

You can get your Italian silk tie or ties anywhere you want. Always look for some place that imports these ties directly from Italy. Some stores sell Italian silk style ties. These are not really Italian, and normally they are not made out of silk. So make sure you find Italian silk ties.
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The Most Exclusive Luxury Silk Ties

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    shirtstudio- 2011/02/19 11:31:29 am

    Silk ties always leave a good impression and tells about the good taste of the person. The brands mentioned above is popular but we like Armani the most.

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